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💥Efficient Woodworking Essential 💥 Adapter and Square-Headed Wood Chisel Set

💥Efficient Woodworking Essential 💥 Adapter and Square-Headed Wood Chisel Set

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Woodworking Made Simple

Cut down on labor costs and time by adding our Square Head Wood Chisel to your toolbox. Perfect for punching square holes in wood to help you create inserts, joints, and corners for your woodworking projects.

We offer 8 different hole diameter sizes, ranging from 6 mm to 16 mm, ensuring that whatever size hole you need to be made, you can get here with us.  Unlike most mortising drill bits, ours can be used in a handheld power drill for the same effect.

✔︎ A MUST-HAVE FOR YOUR WOODWORK: Elevate your woodwork game with our incredible mortising attachment! This patented attachment easily converts your drill press into a top-of-the-line mortising tenoning machine! 

EasySquare Adapter

✔︎ FOR YOUR DRILL PRESS...: With our amazing mortising attachment, you can now cut perfect mortise and tenon joints in minutes using your trusty drill press. No more expensive mortisers or tedious chiseling required! This universal attachment will take your woodworking skills to the next level, producing flawless joints with ease!

✔︎ AND FOR YOUR ELECTRIC DRILL: This attachment can also be used with your electric drill to drill a square hole to install a door lock or drill a crater to fit something other than another piece of wood inside The possibilities are endless with this must-have attachment for your electrical drill!

✔︎ PRO TIP:  We recommend installing a 1/2" plywood panel on your drill press table. The plywood panel prevents damage to the mortising chisel if it should strike the table by accident.

    EasySquare Adapter

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