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Imitation Silk Bedding Set of 4(1x Quilt Cover + 1x Bedsheet + 2x Pillowcases)

Imitation Silk Bedding Set of 4(1x Quilt Cover + 1x Bedsheet + 2x Pillowcases)

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4 Pieces Set includes: 1x Quilt Cover or 1x Quilt Cover, 1x Bedsheet, 1x Pillowcases or 1x Quilt Cover, 1x Bedsheet, 2x Pillowcases

Pillowcase size (one pair):
  • Quilt Cover 1.5: 59.1*78.7 inch(150*200cm)
  • Quilt Cover 1.8: 180*220cm
  • Quilt Cover 2.0: 200*230cm
  • Quilt Cover 2.2: 220*240cm 
  • 1.5 a four-piece quilt: Quilt Cover 59.1*78.7 inch(150*200cm), Bedsheet 66.9*90.6 inch(170*230cm) , 2x Pillowcases 18.9*29.1inch(48*74cm)
  • 1.8 a four-piece quilt: Quilt Cover 70.9*88.6 inch(180*220cm), Bedsheet 90.6*94.5 inch(230*240cm) , 2x Pillowcases 18.9*29.1inch(48*74cm)  
  • 2.0 four-piece set: Quilt Cover 78.7*90.6inch(200*230cm), Bedsheet 90.6*94.5 inch(230*240cm) , 2x Pillowcases 18.9*29.1inch(48*74cm)  
  • 2.2 four-piece set: Quilt Cover 88.6*94.5inch(220*240cm), Bedsheet 90.6*94.5 inch(230*240cm) , 2x Pillowcases 18.9*29.1inch(48*74cm)  

Momme is a unit of silk thickness, the larger the momme, the thicker the silk fabric. Silk momme refers to the weight of the fabric. Generally speaking, the greater the weight, the more silk raw materials used, and the higher the cost.

The Imitation Silk  bedding set will transform your bedroom into a calming oasis. Entirely made with Imitation Silk , it has a smooth finish that gives it hypoallergenic properties, making it the perfect Imitation Silk  bedding for sensitive skin.

【Natural Beauty】Imitation Silk  contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which has anti-aging effects and is very effective in helping to remove wrinkles and maintain skin moisture. the silk is soft and smooth, and the friction coefficient to its human body is the lowest in all fibers, only 7.4%, People who are allergic are also very friendly.

【Thermoregulation Sleep】The silk material is very suitable for hot and cold sleepers,the natural temperature regulation characteristics of silk make you feel comfortable in every season. It absorbs moisture and wicks sweat, regulates body temperature, effectively reduces the irregularity of cold and heat during sleep, and meets the high requirements of warm in winter and cool in summer.

【Great Gift Choice】Ideal gift choice for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's holidays. We hope you can appreciate the valuable experience. For you and your lover, this is indeed a wonderful and secret gift.

【No Wrinkles, for Hair and Skin】Silk pillowcases prevent knots and loose hair, sleep well, and reduce facial wrinkles. Silky and natural, it will not stimulate delicate skin. Natural anti-aging product, smooth, soft and breathable. It will take you into a beautiful dream.

【Easy Care】Hand or machine wash in 30 degree centigrade cold water on most gentle cycle. Hang to dry. Can also be dry cleaned.

Material: Imitation Silk 

The cover and sheet will be sized according to your bed size and the end result will match your bed size!
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