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Multi-function Medical Sone Grill Pan Non-stick Pan

Multi-function Medical Sone Grill Pan Non-stick Pan

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Non-stick pan, no oil splash, easy to clean, perfect for family dinners!!

      Healthy material without peculiar smell, medical stone texture, concave-convex material, and wear-resistant coating, to achieve a non-stick pan.

      Rapid heating, uniform heat conduction, suitable for use on multiple stoves. No oil running, no oil splashing, suitable for cooking and grilling.

      Large capacity; meet the needs of family gatherings and enjoy a feast of food. Suspension design, lightweight and portable.

The pot body can be hung, making it easy to store and saving space.

Having a picnic is effortless.

Easy to clean and non-stick coating for easy operation.

Do not touch the handle with your hands to avoid scalding, and strictly prohibit direct hand contact during the cooking process.

The pot body is evenly heated and not prone to burning.

The body and handle of the pot are integrated to form a solid and durable structure, easy to clean.

Adopting a large base design, it has a larger contact surface with the stove, making it more stable.

The coating of mica stone greatly enhances the non-stick and wear-resistant properties of cookware.

Care and Precautions for Maintaining Cookware


1. After receiving the cookware, clean it with detergent, then boil seven parts of water in the pot and pour it out. Wipe the pot body dry, apply a layer of edible oil on the inside of the pot, and leave it for about 30 minutes before washing it.
2. After cooking, wash the cookware after natural cooling, then dry the water.
3. When not in use for a long time, clean and dry the pot body, and put it in a dry and ventilated place. When using it again, apply a layer of oil on the surface of the pot, wash it and then use it.


1. The pot body has rapid heat conduction and uniform heating, it is recommended to use medium and low heat to avoid using too strong fire to prevent the phenomenon of sticking pot caused by rapid heat conduction.
2. Do not fry hard ingredients, such as shellfish, use silicone spatula or wooden spatula to avoid sharp tools or metal tools damaging the non-stick coating of the pot surface.


    Product Name:Double Ear Baking Pan
    Product Specification:30cm,36cm, 41cm
    Product Material:Iron + Non-Stick Coating of Wheat Porridge Stone
    Product Height:2CM
    Product Usage:For Gas Stove
    Product Color:Black

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