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Skull and bones warrior horror Halloween mask👹

Skull and bones warrior horror Halloween mask👹

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This is a hyper-realistic human skull copy. The scale measures 1:1 as seen in the pictures.


This skull mask with bone spurs is made of latex, a hand-drawn original model, very realistic. After getting the mask, you can also use paint to deepen the color and increase the details.

There will be holes in the eyes and jaws on both sides of the mask. After receiving the product, buyers can wear a black hood to achieve a more realistic effect.

Demon skull mask, no headgear required, there will be a strap behind the mask to help fix it. Size fits all face shapes.


Suitable for all kinds of large-scale masquerade parties, Halloween, April Fool's Day, and other festivals, you are the most eye-catching guy on the field.

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