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50% OFF | Vitile™ Professional 2-in-1 Ceramic & Glass Tile Cutter

50% OFF | Vitile™ Professional 2-in-1 Ceramic & Glass Tile Cutter

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Craft Stunning Designs and Perfect Fits Effortlessly!

Empower your creativity! Say goodbye to the struggle of cutting tiles and glass with conventional tools. Vitile's portable and easy-to-use design lets you master the art of DIY, transforming your space with precision and style!

Introducing Vitile Professional 2-in-1 Ceramic & Glass Tile Cutter, the ultimate tool for DIY enthusiasts and home improvement projects. This lightweight, 340g set ensures that even if you're working solo, you can effortlessly create perfect cuts and shapes for your tiles and glass.


✔️ Portable & User-Friendly: Weighing only 340g, Vitile's tile cutter is a breeze to carry and operate. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, the easy-to-use design allows you to draw and cut shapes with precision, even when working alone.

✔️ Damage-Preventing Design: Our cutter features a smart structural design that prevents damage during the cutting process. No more worries about manual separation causing harm to your glass or tiles. Vitile ensures a smooth, damage-free cutting experience.

✔️ DIY Dream Tool: For DIY lovers and those undertaking home decoration projects, Vitile is your go-to tool. Easily cut corners and shapes for tiles, glass, and ceramics to fit any room or design vision.

✔️ Ingenious Cutting Mechanism: Equipped with a sharp glass-cutting knife, precise marking device, and reduced wrist fatigue design, Vitile lets you score and cut with ease. Add a bit of oil to the glass cutter for enhanced durability.

✔️ Versatile Application: Perfect for cutting glass, common ceramic tiles, wall tiles, facing tiles, glazed tiles, mirrors, and more. Vitile's 2-in-1 functionality makes it an essential tool for various applications.


  • Color: Blue and yellow

  • Weight: 0.75lb

  • Size: 7.2* 5* 1.8inches

  • Material: Aluminum alloy and PS

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Package Includes:
1 x Integrated Tile cutter
3 x Alloy cutter head
4 x Boundary opener gasket

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